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International Student Information

If you are considering graduate study as an international student at the Berkeley campus, then please visit the following resources for additional information.

Berkeley International Office – Here, you will find information about visas, living at Berkeley as well as find valuable links relevant to anyone from abroad who is considering study or research at Berkeley as well as for those who are already here and need information on programs and workshops addressing international student needs.

Information for International Students – This page is part of the Graduate Division’s admissions information for prospective international students. Please review it for additional information on coming to Berkeley as a graduate student.

Additionally, if you intend to enroll in a Ph.D. program, such as ours, please note that international students must pay the non-resident tuition costs until they advance to candidacy. Once advanced to candidacy (usually at the end of the 3rd year of study), non-resident tuition is waived for international Ph.D. students. Until then, however, it is impossible to waive this significant fee. For a full listing of tuition and fees, please refer to the registrar’s information on fees. Also, keep in mind that the campus uses specific dollar amounts to estimate an individual graduate student’s budget for each academic year. International students must show proof of financial ability to cover each and every amount listed. Current year student budgets are available for your information.