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For over 50 years, the Ethnic Studies department at UC Berkeley has been on the front lines of forming multi-racial alliances to promote educational democracy and protest injustice. By educating the public about the long arc of history that has brought us to this moment, and by actively supporting diverse communities in need, Ethnic Studies faculty, students, alumni, and supporters work to imagine and build a more livable, dignified, and just future for all of us.

In this moment of accelerated crisis, the Ethnic Studies community is committed to resisting the rising tide against willful ignorance, intolerance, and injustice. We are writing to you today to ask you to support our work.

Your voice is especially crucial now. I know so many of our community members are hurting right now. The pandemic has hit public education hard, and state and government support has been cut drastically. UC Berkeley is no exception.

In addition to the very real financial struggles we are facing as an institution, we are also seeing a rising public discourse that characterizes Critical Race Theory, the very foundation of our work, as “anti-American propaganda.” We need our alumni and friends to speak up for our field and help us make a difference. Please make a gift to our year-end campaign to support our students and faculty.

The Ethnic Studies Annual Fund

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In the face of rising violence against Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and racialized populations in prisons, in detention centers, in the streets, and in public discourse, the research and the impact our students, faculty, and alumni have on our communities is now more important than ever, This work would not be possible without YOUR support.

Your support helps the Ethnic Studies Department, and the programs it encompasses—Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, and Native American Studies provide support for our students.

As the pandemic has hit the most vulnerable students harder than others, supporting Ethnic Studies means providing direct relief to students who need it most. Our community is comprised of students from all walks of life: transfer students, previously incarcerated students, returning students, student parents, undocumented students, students coming from foster care programs, and veterans. Your gift helps make sure these populations get the academic resources and support they need to succeed at Berkeley.

In our recent alumni survey, we discovered just how multifaceted and dedicated our alumni community is. This diverse community is also reflected in our students. Thank you for making an impact and for being a part of our community, so that our students can follow this path and bring positive change to communities all over the world.

In the survey, many of you attributed your success to the training you received in Ethnic Studies at Berkeley. We are humbled and empowered by your statement of affirmation. We hope you will support our students and speak up for Ethnic Studies by making a gift today.


With Gratitude,
Prof. Juana María Rodríguez
Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies
College of Letters & Science
UC Berkeley


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The Ethnic Studies Annual Fund

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