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Marcelo Garzo Montalvo


Indigenous Science and Technology Studies

Mapuche + Mexica-Anahuaca Cosmovisión, Pedagogy and Language (Mapudungun + Nahuatl)

Dance and Performance Studies

Critical Ethnic Studies



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Marcelo Garzo Montalvo (Mapuche, Chilenx) is a musician, dancer, educator and PhD Candidate in Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. He is currently the Alfred Arteaga Dissertation Fellow at the Latinx Research Center and a Graduate Student Instructor/Researcher with Prof. Angela Marino’s “Performance and Democracy” undergraduate seminar and research project.

Dissertation Project

Mitotiliztli Teochitontequiza: Danza Azteca as a Way of Knowing


Laura E. Pérez

Keith Feldman

Angela Marino (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies)

Kim TallBear (University of Alberta, Native Studies)

Courses Taught or Assisted

ES159AC – The Southern Border

ES11AC – Theories and Concepts in Comparative Ethnic Studies

NASR1A – Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing through Native/Indigenous Literatures

ES10AC – A History of Race in the Western United States, 1598 – Present

ES21AC – Abolition Pedagogy and Practice

ENG35AC – Climate Change Fictions

ED98/VS198 – Heart-Mind, Meditation, and Spiritual Paths

CHICANO110 – Latinx Philosophy and Religious Thought