Ethnic Studies Colloquium Series: “The Military Defeat of the Black Panther Party and the Rise of the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles.”

Mon, March 13, 2017, 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

554 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley

George P Barganier, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Studies, SFSU

Black street organizations have a long and complex relationship with Black radical politics. Yet scholarship has overlooked the everyday efforts of the Black youth at the farthest margins of subalternity to decolonize. By employing theories of coloniality, this talk examines the development of Black political consciousness amongst the early generations of the Crips organization and the ways in which their articulation of Blackness both internalized and resisted coloniality. Born in the cauldron of 1969 COINTELPRO Los Angeles, the formation of the Crips illuminates a fundamental aspect of Black consciousness; the simultaneous internalization and resistance of racialized dehumanization. ​