Courses / Graduate

Fall 2018

  • Series in Comparative Transnational Theories and Methods—“Bodies in Motion: Theories, Concepts and Issues in Critical Refugee, Diaspora, and Transnational Studies”

    ETHSTD 240 001 | CCN: 25181

    Khatharya Um

    TH 10:00am-12:59pm 587 Barrows

    4 Units

    With prevailing conflicts, increased globalization and impact on communities, poor governance, and other adverse conditions in the world system, millions of people are on the move, dislocated and displaced by war, failing economies, environmental destruction, and the desire for betterment. Exit from the homeland, anticipated or unanticipated, however does not necessarily ensure successful resettlement. Many of the world’s forced migrants languish in temporary camps, are repeatedly displaced, or repatriated back to their homelands. Further challenging the assumed linearity of the migration process are migrant efforts and desire to maintain their presence in, and connections to multiple places. These transnational ties present both opportunities and challenges for immigrant communities. This course provides students with a foundational understanding of and critical engagement with key theories, concepts, issues, and debates in critical refugee, diaspora, and transnational studies. Framed by migration and post-resettlement experiences of communities in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it interrogates fundamental questions salient to global migration such as the causes and effects of displacement, state policies and migrant responses, impetuses for transnational ties, and diasporic longing, remembering, and “return.”