Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2020

  • Selected Topics in Comparative Ethnic Studies – “Before Trump, There was California’s Prop 13: On the Origins & Effects of the 1994 Anti-Immigration Measure”

    ETHSTD 180 002 | CCN: 23071

    Christian Paiz

    TU 2:00 - 3:59pm 83 Dwinelle

    2 Units

    This two-unit seminar will introduce students to California’s Proposition 13, which mandated in 1994 the deportation of undocumented immigrants, prohibited social services (e.g. health care and education) to undocumented communities and required public workers to report people they suspect of undocumented status. After a brief introduction to the subject, students will develop research projects related to Proposition 13 – such as the reasons for its passage, the key organizations in opposition and/or the history’s implications for our contemporary xenophobic politics. We will meet each week to discuss assigned readings and to share weekly research progress – with the expectation that student preparation and collective expertise will drive the seminar discussion.