Courses / Graduate

Spring 2020

  • Research Seminar: Selected Issues and Topics—From Borderlands History to History of Borders

    ETHSTD 250

    Christian Paiz

    Tu 10:00am-12:59pm 587 Barrows

    4 Units

    The seminar will trace the different historical manifestations of Southwest’s porousness, mixtures and transformations over the course of four centuries. It will begin with the indigenous landscape prior to Spanish colonial presence in the sixteenth century and it will end with the early twentieth-first century’s radical elaboration of border politics. Through this temporal breadth, the seminar seeks to introduce students to the region’s multiple indigenous polities and their various relationships to colonial and national projects, to the development of nation-states and border policing, to the region’s multiple racial projects and their chameleon, contagious-like quality, and (finally) to the border’s current militarization and expansion into the national center. The seminar will place weight on intersectional approaches and highlight the role played by race, gender, sexuality and migration in the construction of nation-state discourses and teleological notions of modernity.