Areas of Study

Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies


The Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Program is grounded in the decolonization and liberation projects of U.S. Latina/os and their allies in the civil rights, gender, and sexual liberation movements of the 1960s that continue through the present in new forms that address new conditions. Our courses on the U.S. Latina/o experience continue the historic mission of contributing to the production of truly universal knowledges about the United States and an increasingly interconnected world beyond the limited scope of Eurocentric or other ethnocentric perspectives and the disciplinary constraints in traditional fields of the humanities and social sciences. To achieve this we take seriously the knowledges, epistemologies and critical thinking produced by racially and sexually oppressed subjects, and we endeavor to examine the entangled intersectionality of racialized sexuality, gender, and class in complex socio-historical processes.  

We also engage comparative U.S. ethnic, hemispheric Americas, and global comparative studies to trace the movement of Latina/o communities and their cultures.  As an interdisciplinary group of scholars, we offer courses in the social sciences, geography, history, literature, visual cultural studies, performance arts, public policy, education, health, theater, film, media, religion, and philosophy. In addition, we offer practicum courses in creative writing, research methods, visual and performance arts and field studies/internship experience in various community organizations.

Faculty in Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies

Raúl Coronado, Associate Professor
Histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines; Latina/o intellectual & literary history; The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas; Theories of modernity & postcolonialism
Pablo Gonzalez, Continuing Lecturer
Ramon Grosfoguel, Associate Professor
Decoloniality; International Migration; Islamophobia; Political-Economy of the World-System; Racism
Laura E. Pérez, Professor Chicana/o and Latina/o & Chair, Latinx Research Center
and performance arts; decolonial aesthetics; Decolonial spiritualities; Latina/o literary; Post-sixties U; S; U; visual; Women of color femininist and queer thought
Ray Telles, Associate Adjunct Professor
Chicano Film
Jesus Barraza, Lecturer
Bernard Griego, Lecturer